Foyer / Elevator

A mirrored wall in the foyer of a building can create the illusion of more space, add light and give a feeling of grandeur. In elevators, a mirror helps make the limited space feel more expansive and comfortable. At Kolder we have an exclusive range of mirrors suitable for both foyer and elevator applications.

Framed Mirrors

An timeless framed mirror can add the perfect finishing touch to any space. At Kolder we have a selection of versatile and classic framed mirror designs perfect for a range of different applications.

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors offer a contemporary feel that is simple and stylish. At Kolder our range of frameless mirrors come in a selection of sizes making them ideal for a range of different functions.

Shaving Cabinets

Shaving cabinets are the perfect combination of form and function, providing a mirrored surface in the bathroom above the vanity whilst also doubling as a discreet storage solution. At Kolder we have a range of stylish and sophisticated shaving cabinets to suit both traditional and contemporary bathroom interiors.